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Satin black accessories, dyed in the mass, adaptable to all motorcycle models, for a quality aesthetic rendering at an affordable price. You also now have the option of ordering the carbon look (silver).

An excellent compromise between rough and painted, the accessories in this range are now available in Switzerland thanks to MAGEF DIFFUSION.


The company Ermax was created in Marseille in 1978. It is 41th anniversary. 

Mr. Roger SABATER manufactured his first spare parts in a 50m2 workshop. It occupies now a new 6000m2 factory in the south coast of France near Marseille Marignane Airport since November 2002. Ermax employs 24 people. Ermax is distributed by 1450 dealers in France and exports its Plastic Thermoformed  ans aluminium accessories of motorcycle and scooters to over 50 European and others countries around the world. 3 new website has been designed, and gives the possibility to professionals : and customers : to order online. The biggest motorcycle and scooters manufacturers and teams from Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, France and China had already ordered studies to"Ermax design"team and its high tech research department equipped with CAO computer system, scanner 3D arm and 5 axle robot machine. Since the beginning Ermax support and supply the Ermax continues its investments in order to maintain its leading position and to keep satisfied its customers. For more than 15 years, Ermax has diversified its line of products and officially imports in France, Ex : Approved exhaust system by Shark and Hurric© and titanium screws, anodized aluminum accessories oxidative, paddock stand from Best Bike. Since the beginning Ermax support the best Racing teams and was World Champion in all categories several times as MotoGP, Endurance SBK and others. For the new 2019 season Ermax is official supplier of KTM Redbull Tech3 MotoGP & Moto2, Moto3 CIP KTM, WSS Yamaha GMT 94. The industrial thermoforming outsourcing also plays an important role in the activity of Ermax for many years in areas as varied as windscreen for boat or racing cars, antenna radomes, Aix calissons trays , display for gouache paint and perfumes, advertising model ships, portholes for cameras submarines bathyscaphe for Comex, domes transparent roofs, half-spheres plexiglass for architectural models, particle separator for Cadarache, eggs and advertising boards, supports firefighters fire hoses ABS, aircraft PC wings light screen and yatchs screen :


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