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Magef Diffusion is a family business in its own name founded in 1980, based in CH -1267 Vich. Magef Diffusion's main and historic activity is the supply of helmets for motorcycles and scooters. Araï, Lazer, GPA and Winner as well as MT Helmets have been or are distributed by Magef Diffusion.


Subsequently the company developed by the contribution of the Ermax brand specializing in the aesthetic transformation of the motorcycle as well as by the Fabbri brand specializing in the manufacture of scooter windscreens.


Wishing to diversify, Magef Diffusion has also been taking care of workshop design consultancy as well as the sale of tools since 2010. Magef tools, provides all the tools allowing 2-wheel, nautical, industrial and environmental workshops to maintain their respective equipment.


The brands marketed by Magef Diffusion are known and recognized by all users and resellers for their qualities and their innovative character, but also because they tend to improve constantly.


Over the years, we have established several professional and friendly relationships with our customers, our goal being to be as close as possible to the customers in order to optimize our collaboration and efficiency. Our presence on the ground, as well as modern means of communication, allow us to understand his needs and to best meet his expectations.


Thanks to this collaboration, the products we offer correspond to market demand. We are happy to associate our customers with our development and our success.

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