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  • All HONDA scooter Windshields in stock throughout the year.

  • Replenishment of our stock 3 times a year.

Our Mission

Passion, tradition, and technology in motion

Since 1949, we have been offering high-quality motorcycle and scooter accessories, carefully built with our customary craftsmanship using cutting-edge production technology and meeting the strictest safety standards.

Our core business is windshields and screens for motorcycles and scooters designed exclusively for each vehicle and customized with silk-screen designs, greater thickness, epoxy paintwork, protective edge, vibration-damping fittings, and other technical features for the 1000 items we offer.

We base our work on our passion for the world of motorcycles and on innovation, and this is why we work with the best teams that compete in major national and international motorcycle championships.

We work to give motorcycle enthusiasts and scooter users solutions to make their rides comfortable and safe, heightening the emotions that only two-wheel riding can give.

This philosophy will also accompany us into the future with the development of new forms of mobility, which we will face with the commitment and passion that have always characterized our brand.

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