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Variateur IT620XRP J.COSTA pour KYMKO AK550

Variateur IT620XRP J.COSTA pour KYMKO AK550


Stock Europe. Delivery time: 10-14 days.


Variator kit for KYMKO 550cc JCosta XRP complete with Kevlar belt and washer specially designed for the crankshaft.


The new XRP (XTREME RACING PARTS) series differs from the previous ones with heat sinks inside the variator in the form of a circle with protrusions between the roller area and the bushing area. The cavities of the masses are drilled so that the pressure-vacuum effect makes them act more quickly and smoothly, both when entering a higher gear, and when exiting a lower gear without jumps , that is, to take advantage of the air as fluid dynamics to help the rollers move up or down faster without increasing fuel consumption.


It gets better:

  • Smoother operation.
  • Lower temperature inside the drive, thanks to its revolutionary heat sink design


As a result, we will get:

  • Faster performance
  • Better reaction to Gas Fist, thanks to the Mass Pressure - Depression® effect.

Operation of the J.Costa drive: Explanation and Video

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