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Your health is our inspiration

Protecting all populations from the risks present in the air has always been their reason for existing, and this with the help of technological innovations adapted to all environments.

The most advanced technology

Find the mask adapted to your daily life

Nano FiiT : The urban goggle par excellence.

Nano Sport : The mask designed for your daily efforts.

Nano Light : The mask suitable for wearing a helmet and for moving around on 2 wheels.

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An idea born from a friendship

When they met in Seoul, they were very far from thinking that they would be where they are today.

Directly concerned by the problem of air pollution, they set out to find a truly effective solution to protect themselves.



It allows the air to be evacuated 60 times faster than a conventional valve, even during an effort or a race at a loss.


Water repellent layer

The first water-repellent layer of the filter will filter liquids and coarse particles such as dust.

Nano Filtration Technology

The two so-called nanofiltration layers will make it possible to filter particles with a size of up to 50 nanometers (PMM 0.05)


Activated carbon filter

This activated carbon layer helps block harmful gases as well as odors allowing you to breathe in a better way.


Shape memory inner layer

Stay dry in your mask with our technical moisture-wicking layer


Soft, airtight face seal

Enjoy perfect sealing thanks to the technical shape memory foam of your filter.


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