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NEXX Helmets is a young brand of motorcycle helmets created in April 2001in Portugalby Helder Loureiro, a former manager with other motorcycle helmet manufacturers. First presenting prototypes, the company will not really begin production until 2002 with the integral X10 and the cross X20. The brand then distinguished itself by being the first to produce fiber helmets on its territory.

The brand is gaining notoriety and showing constant growth in sales, well helped by the development of its product offering which successively includes women's models and opens up to other segments with the modular X30 in 2008, the jet for children and finally athletes withthe integral racing XR1.R.

The Portuguese brand is also forging partnerships with prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss or Swarovski to strengthen its appeal to urban users, but is now playing on all fronts since it is even launching into the "trail" helmet with the XD 1 in 2015. , declines its jets and integrals in retro fashion or even imaginesnew solutions like with the Switx SX.10and its two-part cap that hides the vents.

Hard blow at the beginning of 2018 for Nexx whileits Anadia factory is affected by a fire. It was the pavilion dedicated to the production of fiberglass and carbon fiber helmets that was affected, but the damage was fortunately only material and production could resume a few weeks later.

Despite this incident, the brand will launch no less than four new helmets during the year, includingthe X.WED2.

Very widely established in Europe, Nexx Helmets then managed to take off internationally. The Portuguese manufacturer is now distributed in around sixty countries around the world.



A NEXX is instantly recognizable.

The “wow” factor is our motivation and what sets us apart from others.

Fueled by this obsession and energy, we transform our design and development skills into products filled with magic, ready to meet the challenges of our customers, no matter how big or small.

Our ranges combine hard work, dedication and passion with state-of-the-art, high-tech components that guarantee uncompromising safety and quality.


NEXX - in over 60 countries around the world - embraces the dreams of different styles of motorcyclists, with leading motorcycle helmets.



NEXX Helmets is proud to be one of the last active European manufacturers producing 100% in Portugal.


But why choose to keep manufacturing in the EU in such a competitive market with higher social and labor costs supporting peaks and troughs in demand?

The answer is simple: we believe in the concentration of all our knowledge; This not only allows us to maintain our unique philosophy, but also, as we develop and produce our helmets, we know them and can support and improve them better than anyone.


Additionally, doing everything in-house allows us more flexibility while providing a higher level of customization and service.



Today's customers demand flexibility, expertise and speed. They expect their orders to be delivered as quickly as possible – and with expert quality.

By stepping through the doors of the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, the company has created what has been called a "smart factory": significant reduction in market, increased flexibility, improved quality and all with reduced resource consumption.

Process improvement, inventory optimization, first quality control and other “new game rules” have become the norm.


Our “Made in Europe” is not only top of the line protection, it also means that social and environmental issues are respected.

Marque - NEXX Helmets

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