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Our company offers you the best technology in performance for scooter. Offering products for all type of clients. The ones that have a urban profile and need active security while driving, and also for the racing profile customers, that search a higher performance in a level of high speed, speed-up and driving. So our customers have high quality products of one of the top worldwide companies of scooter performance.


Without innovation and development, J.Costa wouldn’t exist.

We choose always the innovation path. Innovation and technology is in our  veins. To be, is not sufficient for our motivation, the important for us is to struggle, compete and work, to be the number one.



J.COSTA COMPETITION has established as one of the main variator manufacturers in the automotive industry.  Tradition, experience, market knowledge and a commitment to innovation have made us leaders in our field. . In order to maintain our advantage and remain on the cutting edge, J.COSTA COMPETITION relies on advance Research & Development team.

All the products that we develop are submitted to a deep and quality control to guarantee their complete safety. According to this and working closely with our clients, our products maintain their standards in a high position, above the industry. Furthermore, J.COSTA COMPETITION’s innovation policy has been developed in the most demanding of all laboratories: Top-level competition. And in this arena we have certified J.COSTA COMPETITION as an internationally recognized and trusted brand name.



J.COSTA COMPETITION have always been in the field test in high competition. In 2011 and 2012 with Maverick Viñales in the category 125cc and Moto3 World’s Premier motorcycling championship, that this is the top world competition of motorcycle. Managed by the International Federation Motorcycle (FIM) and DORNA.



J.COSTA is present in all kinds of world fairs, currently and the most important in the world of motorcycling, the EICMA Fair in Milan (Italy), also goes to national fairs like Barcelona or Madrid. It is also necessary to mention that J.COSTA is visiting other world motorcycle fairs, such as Intermot in Germany.

It is possible to say that J.Costa wants to assume great challenges and it proposes every year to go to more fairs either to give support and advice to our distributors as to expose their products.


In J.COSTA we have available for our customers all of technological developments and know-how of our Research and development team. Based on the resistance parameters set by the industry manufacturers, J.Costa. has developed the capacity to increase the power, the torque, the top speed and the speed-up.  All of our products in our catalogue are designed to improve the driving and the performance of the the motorbike, in an urban environment or roads.

In J.Costa we are commuted to the driving security, so are products are also developed and designed to ensure a more secure and satisfying ride




Product to order




125/250cc: 265.--

300/350cc: 365.--

AK 550: 529.--

TMAX 500: 489.--

TMAX 530: 529.--

MAXSYM 500: 529.--


AK 550: 689.--

TMAX 500: 689.--

TMAX 530: 689.--

MAXSYM 500: 689.--


12 PEBBLES: 59.--

14 PEBBLES: 69.--

16 PEBBLES: 79.--

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