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Gold Drake Lift Table 800Kg

Gold Drake Lift Table 800Kg

Lifting table with a maximum load of 800Kg.

Classic and efficient, this table will respond effectively to daily work and for the heaviest machines.

  • Dimensions: 2000 - 2200 x 660 - 750 mm, Capacity: 600kg, Lift height: 1200mm

  • The platform dimension and the lift height are modifiable parameters.

  • Rear hatch recessed under the deck and removable front hatch for easy work and time saving

  • Access ramp in checkered plate.

  • A single energy, including to supply the accessories (Motofixe and Lève moto, and all other pneumatic tools)

  • Pneumatic safety with automatic positioning of the clutch on the rack (11 positions)

  • Enhanced tray borders integrated into the table. Prevent tools from falling and stiffen the assembly .

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